Portrait of Judith Judy painting

In a review of Judith Judy's work, Mark Jenkins, art critic for the Washington Post, wrote: "The Northern Virginia painter is not an abstractionist, yet her warm, radiant landscapes aren't modeled on particular places.  Indeed, they seem designed as portals, visual entrances into the world of light.  Soft-textured trees and grass define the foreground and vaporous sky the background, but the action transpires between the two, on the plane where sunlight bleeds into a rich, indistinct glow."


Judith lives and works in Northern Virginia. She received a degree in fine art from Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland and further studied oil painting in various classes and workshops.


In the spring of 2009, Judith was invited to exhibit her work in Vilnius, Lithuania as part of Europe's Capital of Culture Celebration. She also participated in an exhibit at the Lithuanian National Museum of Art and two of her paintings have become part of the museum's permanent collection. Judith was chosen to exhibit in the fall of 2013 at the Berlin art fair "Berliner Liste."


Judith was one of the featured artists in Washington Spaces magazine's summer 2007 article "Celebrating Art: A look at the Regions Artistic Diversity". A review of Judith's solo show "Beyond the Real" at Alex Gallery, Washington DC, was published in the Washington Post Arts Section, June 21, 2013. Her work is also the subject of critical review by Florie Gilbard and Eleanor Kennelly, and is finding its way into private collections in the United States and abroad.


Judith is currently represented by Anne Nielson Fine Arts in Charlotte North Carolina, and Gallery Piquel in New Hope, PA.